Coral Advantage

We Get It. Really.

Coral Construction is not only a specialty highway contractor; we’re also a general contractor. We know from experience that subcontractors must deliver on time, on budget, and fulfill the promises that they make. We know what it does to a project when a subcontractor can’t perform, or when they must go back to a job site and correct errors.

We have a tremendous reputation throughout the industry as a company that can get the job done right the first time.

Coral Construction has the knowledge, flexibility, skills and equipment to tackle challenges as they arise without compromising the project schedule. As your subcontractor, we’ll make sure that we do whatever it takes to make you successful.

Safety First
– Our #1 Priority


At Coral Construction Company we believe our most important asset is our People. We have worked to create a safety culture where every member of the team feels empowered to identify and act on any unsafe work conditions or behaviors. For the last several years, we have been the recipient of the prestigious AGC P.R.I.D.E. safety award recognizing industry excellence in safety practices and behaviors.

Rest assured that our Team is ready to provide a quality project where the health and safety of all those impacted by our project is the number one concern.

The Best Equipment and Materials

When You Need Them

Coral Construction owns all of the specialty equipment that we use, as this specialty equipment can’t be rented or found elsewhere. We have over 40 years of combined experience modifying, fabricating and manufacturing equipment capable of meeting the challenges and needs of a variety of highly specialized installations and circumstances. Our fabricators are also installers; the equipment they build solves real-world problems our company has encountered.

Our equipment is strategically located up and down the West Coast, which enables us to be responsive to our clients’ scheduling needs. We don’t have to wait to have equipment moved from state to state. We just grab our gear and get to work. And if the project changes we can adapt and overcome on the fly, where our competitors may not.

Coral Construction also has loyal, long-standing relationships with steel manufacturers, lumber suppliers, sign manufacturers and more. Because of those long-term relationships, we are able to get our products delivered on time and the project stays on track.

Education, Expertise, and Compliance

Coral Construction has been in business for over 40 years, and we have several employees who have been with us for most of that time. We bring a tremendous amount of experience and expertise to a project. Coral Construction Company meets or exceeds federal, state and local regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions where we operate. These agencies include FHWA, DOT, DEQ, OSHA and California Air Resources Board.

To be able to do a job in Washington on Monday, and then move down to California on Wednesday takes more than experience. Specifications vary from state to state, and they are ever changing. We spend a lot of time, effort and money making sure that our employees are current with the most recent specifications, and are educated and trained to work with all of the latest materials and tools. 

We’re also a participating member of the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATTSA), which works with the Federal Government to continually test and upgrade products and materials and make them safer and more effective.

Where appropriate, we use our expertise to bring value engineering proposals to the table, affecting how specifications may be rewritten, how materials can be utilized differently and how money can be saved. Because we work in so many parts of the West Coast, with so many agencies, we know what people in different parts of the country are doing and how those ideas might be adapted to our clients’ needs. We’ve also encountered and solved problems in past jobs with other agencies that can help our clients avoid or tackle similar issues.

The Coral Culture


Our employees understand that we are there to get the job done, to take care of our client and shield them from problems and distractions. That culture is instilled in every member of our crew, from the superintendent, to the foreman, to the operator, to the laborer. We do the extra work and go the extra mile to make sure a project is successful.

We have a “Special Forces” team mentality. We can come into a new area, set up communications, set up our equipment and materials and get straight to work. If someone calls us in a pinch, we have the staff and resources that allow us to handle the situation. We can manage a very small project, and then turn around and manage a very large project.

We have a unique skill set that provides us with the ability to take care of our clients on many different levels.

We tackle the project, do the job, and get it done right.

At Coral Construction Company, we refuse to be a burden or a distraction to our clients. We want to be the reason you’re successful.