Highway Safety Specialist

Coral Construction Company is one of the largest specialty highway contractors on the West Coast. Coral works as a subcontractor and as a prime contractor throughout several western states: Oregon, California, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Alaska and Hawaii.

Coral specializes in the installation and construction of permanent roadway and freeway signage, metal beam guardrail, cable barrier systems, and other highway safety devices.

Metal Beam Guardrail

A guardrail is a guardrail is a guardrail, right? Not necessarily. Coral Construction Company has the specialized equipment and expertise to handle the wide variety of specifications that exist from state to state. 

One of the largest installers of guardrail on the West Coast, Coral Construction installs thousands of feet of metal beam guardrail each year.

Permanent highway signage is one of the largest product lines of our business. Coral Construction has built a solid reputation through efficient, reliable and cost-effective installation of quality roadway signage and sign structures. 

Our quality work and professional crews save our clients time, money and hassle.

Permanent Roadway & Freeway Signage

Cable Barrier SystemS

Cable barriers catch and deflect cars rather than merely stopping them, allowing for less violent crashes and significantly higher survivability rates. Coral Construction installed the first cable barrier system in the state of Nevada, as well as some of the first projects in Oregon.

Less expensive and better performing than concrete barriers, cable barriers are the future of highway safety.

Through our subsidiary Signal Construction Group, LLC, we provide highway-related electrical construction services, including roadway illumination, traffic signal installation and motorist information systems.

Electrical Highway Construction

We also are expert installers of:

Traffic Noise Barriers (Soundwalls)

Traffic Noise Barriers (Soundwalls)

Rockfall Netting

Protective Highway Fencing

Delineation Devices

Other Highway Barriers and Safety Devices